How to study better

To study smart you need to prepare. When you prepare you can many different things. You can make a list of things to prioritize, this can be of importance or by date. You will have to get all the material you need to study and turn of or put away any distractions.

When you have gotten all your books and other material you need and you are ready to study, set on a timer. About 25 minutes. When the timer is out you can take a break about 5 minutes. If you feel like you are concentrated and want to continue on working after the 25 minutes you can just continue. Repeat this cycle until all the work is done or you don’t want to do it any more.

When you take a break you can reward yourself by doing something fun. If you are done you can enjoy the rest of your day.


Today’s lesson

The first conversation we had today we were talking about a subject. Our subject were games, and we were trying to convince each-other to play our favorite game and that the other game was not that good. Niklas favorite game was Fortnite and mine was rust or it is right now at least.

No-one convinced the other-one that their game was not so good but Niklas had some really good points about his game. And i think i made him interested in rust. It was a good conversation and i learned a lot of good things about the game.


My first impression

I am reading» about a boy» by Nick Hornby. I have read 5 chapters of the book.

I like how Nick describes Will in the book. And you can really picture the setting and how the different characters behave. I like how Nick writes and the perspective it is written from. I like the humor in the book and I think the book is well suited for my age group.

I am looking forward to reading more, and seeing how thing go.


My name is Herman and I attend scholarship on Sandvika vgs. My first two weeks has been amazing and i have met a lot of new nice people. I changed class from 1stf to 1stg and i am now also having business.

I live with my mom and dad at Hasslum. I like to be with my friends and play video games. My favorite food is pizza. I previously went to Bekkestua school. I am looking forward to getting to know the people in my class and i am also looking forward to the trip to Nordmarka.