Is it Brave to suffer in silence

I believe that you need a lot of mental strength to suffer in silence, especially if it is something rely important or heavy that you are thinking about, but I think it may be harder for people to open up to others and telling them how they feel. But I think that telling people how you feel is the best option. If you have something that you want to tell people but you keep it a secret then you might become depressed. It is best to let people know what you feel, it might also help you.


Being a good citizen

Working hard and paying taxes. Because to help the society and the community function, everyone needs to contribute. I believe that there are lots of «good citizens» and not so many «bad citizens». You don’t need do stand out to help and be important. If no one would work and pay taxes, then that country wouldn’t do well. And this is what i think is important. By working and paying taxes you are showing that you care for your community and want to help it.


Campaigning/raising awareness. In our society information is important. So many are trying to trick you or make you think like them so raising awareness is important. Hot topics in politics are frequently being discussed and so much false information is being spread. By raising awareness you are fighting against political power and showing you are caring.

Skjermbilde 3

Letter to Leonardo DiCaprio

Dear Leonardo DiCaprio

My name is Herman Sætre. I am a 15 year old from Norway. I have watched your documentary about climate change «before the flood» and i agree with you. The world leaders are making deals, signing documents and celebrating. Believing that everything is going to be fine now. But when they get back into their country they are continuing their usage as normal not changing anything.

I believe the biggest take-away from the movie is that we need to inform people and spread awareness about climate change.

I have some question. What do you think about the recent election in USA and how do you think this is going to affect when we will stop climate change? Are you optimistic that we will be able to stop climate change before it is to late? And when do you think it is to late?


Herman Sætre

Sandvika storsenter

The IT/Business Project The project For a little period now at school, we started a project that we were going to spend a lot of time on.

The project was to come up with good ideas and solutions to how shopping malls can survive and still be used a lot by people. What is meant by «survive» is that many shopping malls, especially in the U.S have been abandoned the past few years. This happens because a lot of people do not go shopping physically anymore, but goes shopping online. The shopping mall we were going to help was Sandvika Storsenter.  We decided to work together as a team from the start of the project and help and come up with good ideas for each other. There were different tasks for us to do and come up with a solution to.

First, all of us brainstormed on how to make people want to go shopping. We decided to write it down in a document that everyone could edit and cooperate in at the same time. It is called google docs, which is basically Microsoft word, but online. We started writing down our ideas and eventually, we had 3000 words in our document. But since it was supposed to be like that the text would get to the point immediately and no bullshit and own unnecessary words. After some more hard work, we managed to make a great text that included all of our ideas. We reworded everything so that the text became nice and smooth, and answered all of the tasks in a good way. When we finished the text we decided to divide our group in half. The business people was going to find new solutions and ideas, while the IT guys were working on a complex adobe Xd project (which is a designer program). The IT guys made our prototype model first. The main goal for the model was to come with suggestions on how to make the Sandvika Storsenter website better. This was because we saw some potential to make the website better, and we saw that many of the competitor shopping malls had better and smoother websites. We spent a lot of time on that project, and in the end, it paid of. It became a great model of how the website could look to make it smoother.

In the end of the project, we were going to be practicing how to in the best way possible present this for some that worked with Sandvika storsenter. When the day finally came we were going to hold a presentation for someone that worked in Sandvika storseter. The presentation went well and now we are waiting for a grade.

Made by: Karoline S, Herman, Tom-Vegar, Alexander & Niklas

Spare parts

I am really surprised that the movie was so similar to the original story. So many things that were said and the pictures used are the same in the real story. The name of the robot were also the same and also the picture taken in the pool is very similar to the original. The characters are all similar to the real people. They have kept the movie very similar to the real story.

The other teams were collages and from the start had more resources and also more knowledge about robotics. The collages were serious about this and they spent a lot of money trying to win the one that placed 2 (MIT). MIT spent around 18 000 dollars. And the ones the story is about used under 800 dollars. This shows the different resources the  teams had.

Robots can be useful in almost any case. They can be used to explore both on our planet and even beyond our solar system. They can also be used in wars, and are already used, so to minimize the danger for those who operate the robot. Robots can also be used and are used in production to boost efficiency.


My reading of «About a boy»

The book is about a boy who does not have good social skills and how he evolve. The theme in the book is about growing up. You can also say it’s a lot about finding someone you can look up to and learn from.

A plot in the book is were Marcus’s friend Ellie drinks and gets drunk because a singer from Nirvana shot himself. She breaks a window because she is angry and bot her and Marcus gets arrested by the police

The story takes place in London mostly, and in Cambridge a little.

Will couldn’t resist it: he had a theory he wanted to test out. «Hey, Fiona. Why don’t you get sheet music out and we can murder Both Sides Now?»

«Would you like to?»

«Yeah. sure.» But he was watching Marcus, Whose ex-passion was that of a boy who had been asked to dance naked before a mixed audience of supermodels and cousins.

«Please, mum. Don’t»

«Don’t be silly. You love singing. You love Joni Mitchell.»

«I don’t. Not anymore. I bloody hate Joni Mitchell.»

(From about a boy)

Here we can see the character development clear. Earlier in the book he loved singing and he loved Joni Mitchell. Now later in the story he has changed his interests, and he has changed them away from his mother witch is good. His mother says earlier that she is feeling better and that can be because of her son being less like her and needing her less.

Lost in the storm

Lost in the storm was an interesting podcast. The story was very interesting and it had a surprising end. I was sure she was going to survive. It is really shocking how the government dealt wit the storm and the need for help. This just shows that the U.S. is not prepared for these disasters. They need to focus on the rescue teams and their equipment and less on military.