Spare parts

I am really surprised that the movie was so similar to the original story. So many things that were said and the pictures used are the same in the real story. The name of the robot were also the same and also the picture taken in the pool is very similar to the original. The characters are all similar to the real people. They have kept the movie very similar to the real story.

The other teams were collages and from the start had more resources and also more knowledge about robotics. The collages were serious about this and they spent a lot of money trying to win the one that placed 2 (MIT). MIT spent around 18 000 dollars. And the ones the story is about used under 800 dollars. This shows the different resources the  teams had.

Robots can be useful in almost any case. They can be used to explore both on our planet and even beyond our solar system. They can also be used in wars, and are already used, so to minimize the danger for those who operate the robot. Robots can also be used and are used in production to boost efficiency.



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