My reading of «About a boy»

The book is about a boy who does not have good social skills and how he evolve. The theme in the book is about growing up. You can also say it’s a lot about finding someone you can look up to and learn from.

A plot in the book is were Marcus’s friend Ellie drinks and gets drunk because a singer from Nirvana shot himself. She breaks a window because she is angry and bot her and Marcus gets arrested by the police

The story takes place in London mostly, and in Cambridge a little.

Will couldn’t resist it: he had a theory he wanted to test out. «Hey, Fiona. Why don’t you get sheet music out and we can murder Both Sides Now?»

«Would you like to?»

«Yeah. sure.» But he was watching Marcus, Whose ex-passion was that of a boy who had been asked to dance naked before a mixed audience of supermodels and cousins.

«Please, mum. Don’t»

«Don’t be silly. You love singing. You love Joni Mitchell.»

«I don’t. Not anymore. I bloody hate Joni Mitchell.»

(From about a boy)

Here we can see the character development clear. Earlier in the book he loved singing and he loved Joni Mitchell. Now later in the story he has changed his interests, and he has changed them away from his mother witch is good. His mother says earlier that she is feeling better and that can be because of her son being less like her and needing her less.


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  1. Very many good points here.


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